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Terms and Conditions


Unless otherwise stated within Purchase Agreement, immediately upon completion, any remaining balance is due without unreasonable rejections or reservations. Any balance not paid within 24 hours of due date will be subject to a $25.00 late fee per day and interest will begin to accrue daily as allowed by law. Any and all communications, via, text messages, emails and telephone calls are recorded for quality assurance and retained and made part of, whether whole or in part of the purchase agreement. Company, at its discretion, may void any remaining warranties for failure to remit payment for balance due as stated above.


If Purchaser requires review of project prior to final payment, Purchaser agrees to be available for such review upon completion unless prior arrangements have been made. However, final payment will still be due upon completion. Any changes, alterations or rejections will be corrected/repaired under Purchaser’s warranty. All communications described above act as a written or oral purchase agreement in the event purchaser fails to sign a written purchase agreement and the Purchaser agrees to comply with all "Terms and Condition" stated within.


Project and all material used in project remains the property of SafeGuard Fencing until balance paid in full, at which time, ownership will transfer to Purchaser upon full payment. Purchaser grants all representatives of SafeGuard Fencing unrestricted access to Project for installation, repairs or recovery purposes only.


Purchaser agrees to reimburse SafeGuard Fencing any fees associated with collections of an unpaid balance including any attorney/court fees.


The craftsmanship/workmanship are warranted against defects such as becoming unfastened unless due to neglect, (whether accidental or not) or "acts of god" i.e., flooding, hurricanes, tornadoes, hail storm, or fallen trees for the lifetime of the residential address, and is transferable to the new homeowners in the event purchaser sells his property to include the above stated project. The material used in the project detailed in the Purchase Agreement is warranted against warp for 12 months and from rot for a total of 5 years unless water sealant is applied on an annual basis. The warranty is then extended for a lifetime. Color fade and/or mold are not covered under this warranty. Any chain-link fence materials are warranted for a period of 5 (five) years against defects as stated above.  The exact fence height may vary from ground level due to sloping or ground conditions.


Repeated calls for warranty repair on items or issues that do not warrant repair as of the date of request and after being notified that such item or issue does not require warrantied repair can lead to, at company's discretion, forfeiture of lifetime warranty on either or both material and craftsmanship. 

For example, a warp in a wood board that is than 1/2" (one-half inch) does not yet meet the requirement to be replaced FREE under the Purchase Agreement warranty as wood will fluctuate during drying and weather conditions. (NOTE: Aluminum fencing does not warp in any form due to weather conditions or manufacture defects post installation. Any warped or bent portion of the aluminum fence will be discarded prior to being installed. Therefore, any warping or bending of Aluminum fence is a direct result of abuse,or neglect or act of God and will not be covered under this warranty.) Repeated calls about a sagging gate that is less than 1/2" out of alignment.

SafeGuard Fencing will do everything in it's power to accommodate and repair any warranty items or issues as soon as possible as we strive to back our warranty and craftsmanship 100%


You may cancel your project within 3 business days from the date of the Purchase Agreement for any reason. The deposit will be refund in the manner in which it was received, minus any credit/debit merchant fees (usually 2.25 to 2.91%). If the customer cancels outside the allotted cancellation period, The deposit will be refunded, minus any credit/debit merchant fees and if material for the project has been ordered and or delivered then the cost associated with pickup and restocking said material will be deducted from the refund, minus any due balance for any work performed and finally, minus any cost associated with lose of income due to any restructuring of company's upcoming project schedule. If SafeGuard Fencing cancels or terminates the purchase agreement for any reason, same terms and conditions apply as above.

Please call 811 to have your utilities located as SafeGuard Fencing, Inc., is NOT responsible for any cuts or damage to utility service line, cable, wire, gas, sewer or drain lines, lawn sprinkler system or sprinkler heads. Purchaser agrees to hold SafeGuard Fencing harmless from any property line encroachment, disputes or legal action when there are no visible property line markings on-site installed by a certified survey assessment company or misinformation pertaining to their location.

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